Company History

Established in 1872, Gordon, Grant & Company Limited is one of the oldest and most respected corporations in Trinidad and Tobago. It started as an import/export company and later moved into financing, ownership and operation of property and estates across Trinidad and Tobago.

By 1923, the Company had established itself as one of the leading business houses in the country with a range of operations under its management. These included sugar estates and factories, coal bunkering services for ships, a brewery and soft drink plant, the ownership and operation of cocoa, coffee and coconut estates. The equally diversified commercial division imported foodstuff, chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, building and household supplies and general hardware. It marketed and serviced automobiles and commercial vehicles and operated the following businesses: a travel agency; shipping agency; Insurance company and the subsidiary – Aviation Services Limited, an aircraft handling operation.

In 1977, Gordon, Grant & Company Limited was divested and a group of Gordon Grant family members purchased the Shipping, Insurance and Travel divisions and Gordon, Grant moved from Independence Square in the capital of Trinidad and Tobago to #16 Charles Street, Port of Spain.

Almost 150 years later, Gordon, Grant & Company Limited still maintains its legacy of success, operating both shipping and insurance agencies.

Today the company continues to be led by a team of experienced industry professionals who form the Company’s Board of Directors. Throughout its history, Gordon, Grant & Company Limited has continuously fostered development, growth and success among its staff and clientele.

With every year, this dynamic and respected organisation focused on developing its technological and human resource assets as it continues to be a dominant leader in its spheres of business.